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A mum said her two young children are ‘gutted’ after a thief stole Christmas reindeer decoration lights from their front garden in Liverpool.

Samantha Carroll said her Leo, three, and two-year-old Sienna are upset and asking why the ‘naughty man’ stole their reindeer which was outside their home in the Norris Green area of the city.

The theft happened early on Sunday morning just before Samantha’s partner, Peter, set off for work, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Samantha, 32, said: “My fiancé was at work that day – he didn’t notice they were missing when he went out.

“Later on we had Amazon Alexa set up to put the Christmas lights on. So I said ‘Alexa, turn on the Christmas lights’.

“When I do that my little boy runs to the window to watch the reindeer light up. And he said ‘no reindeer’.

“So I walked over and noticed the two big ones were missing”

Samantha posted about the theft on Facebook, saying: “Absolutely gutted and fuming. Some absolute scruff has stole my two big reindeer from my garden.”

Samantha checked the CCTV camera on her house and saw that just after 5.30am, a man riding a bike had gone into their front garden.

She said: “Now my little boy keeps saying ‘naughty man stole reindeer’. We’ve still got the little one but we’re a bit wary about putting that back out.”

She said: “My fiancé has actually ordered a bolt to go on to the wall. So if he puts the other one out he can chain it to the bolt.”

Samantha has reported the theft to Merseyside Police but said that she doesn’t hold out much hope that the thief will be caught or the reindeer returned.

She added: “We only bought them last year. It was a treat for us but I was more disappointed and gutted for the kids.

“We decorated the house for the kids, it’s all for them.”

A spokesperson for the force said two Christmas reindeer had been reported stolen from the front garden in Norris Green between 5.30am and 6am on Sunday.