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Work permits for EU players and youth signings hit under post-Brexit rules

The Football Association has announced a radical post-Brexit shake‑up that will mean Premier League and EFL clubs cannot sign foreign players until they are 18, with all transfers from European

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MRI images: More efficient, quieter and faster

Magnetic resonance imaging has become an indispensable tool for medical diagnostics. Using metamaterials—printed circuit boards whose properties can be systematically adjusted—can increase measurement sensitivity by a factor of five. Metamaterials

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This company is using drones to replant forests devastated by wildfires

The United States has had its most devastating wildfire season on record, with more than 8 million acres of land burned across the country this year. Regenerating the forests that

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Apple hit with $12 million fine by Italian regulator over iPhone water resistance claims

AGCM slammed Apple Distribution International and Apple Italia SRL over its murky claims. For a start, Apple says its iPhones can withstand being submerged in depths ranging from 1 meter

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Girl embraces fluffy hair caused by rare condition that makes her ‘look like Einstein’

A ten-year-old with a rare genetic condition which means her locks are impossible to brush has embraced her fuzzy “baby hair”. Shilah Madison Calvert-Yin, from Melbourne, Australia, has had a

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